Leveraging High Quality Open Source Software
to Visualise & Launch Spend Analyzer Online
for Retail Banking Customers.

LIVE For Bank With 700Mn+ Accounts In Asia

Banking customers now expect their bank to not just offer easier transactions, but to use customers’ data in smarter ways to add ‘new value’ back to the customers’ personal finances and decisions. Amongst the most significant in these is how new age digital banks are offering to help customers categorize their monthly expenditure, track and chart it, set budgets, and set alerts. This is with an aim to differentiate the bank’s offerings from its competitors, and drive greater client loyalty and stickiness.

The Spend Analyzer (SA) aimed to give the bank’s customers much better control of their monthly expenditure. Percipient’s engineering team leveraged open-source amCharts to deliver an easy-to-understand easy-to-use digital user interface.

Spend Analyzer created new value for the bank’s customers by:

Tagging every single debit item to a relevant expense category

Collating category spend and presenting back via dynamic charts

Offering easy-to-reference ‘spend trends’ for past 6 months

Set budgets for each expense category

Set alerts for each expense category

Choose whether to receive Alerts by SMS and/or by Email

Snapshots from Spend Analyzer in Production

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