Expertly-designed solutions

Financial services companies are confronted by both profound data opportunities and intense data challenges. Percipient is led by FI professionals who understand the intricacies of data integration in the context of a highly regulated industry.

Our solutions help FIs retain their existing high value data assets, while simultaneously building new assets to leverage emerging technologies, cost saving options and the latest customer-facing applications.

Enterprises are seeing the value of combining traditional data stores and new age data lakes. UniConnect helps enterprises enjoy the cost and efficiency benefits of this hybrid approach, while ensuring all data remains within easy reach

From Source to Target Data Model

Translating data from a source format to a target model can be quicksand for both software providers and consumers. UniConnect offers data virtualisation capabilities and a rich library of functions for such transformation to be performed on demand and at lightning speed.

In The Moment

The demand for streaming applications point to a new real-time paradigm. UniConnect can deliver real time data as APIs whether from single or multiple sources. Or batch and real time data can be delivered to a single interface for on-the-fly analytics.

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