Leverage ALL your data

Achieve Hyper-accelerated Connectivity

Going digital means integrating customer, risk and transaction data, often from end-of-life systems. This can be a complex task, made even more challenging by the need to access data that is multi-jurisdictional, cross-functional,  heterogeneous or compressed.

UniConnect is built to deliver connectivity, regardless of source, type or volume, at ultra-high speed.

Business Intel At Your Fingertips

UniConnect lets you query data from all sources and feeds ,through a single SQL interface. If you are using SAS, Spark, R, that’s not a problem either. Uniconnect is integrated with the latest data query engines to improve their efficiency, while ensuring that internal enterprise processes remain intact.

UniConnect means data is processed more efficiently, and more data is ready for use, without new skills or tools.

Big data minus the big costs

The data that traditional enterprises seek to manage today is miniscule compared to the data that full-scale digitisation will bring.  UniConnect’s parallel processing technology offers more digital capability, at a fraction of the cost of  traditional monolithic servers.

UniConnect supports digitisation by helping enterprises to benefit, rather than be penalised, for their data growth.

Use Cases

Retail Bank

Processing of customer credit scores needed to support high volume online overdraft facilities was reduced from four days to 30 mins.

Global bank

Development of a risk dashboard to track product parameter changes made across multiple jurisdictions., thereby enabling the risk team to ensure that all changes are appropriate and accurate.

Global ratings agency

Market Analysts’ effectiveness improved by automating the unification of data from annual reports, stock price and ratings websites, internal databases, text and PDF files.

Retail Bank

OLAP platform costs reduced by archiving less frequently data from a structured database to hive, which combined with EDW data, is used to produce daily management reports.

In-Country Global Insurer

Customer 360 view enhanced by unifying data from across servers, emails and twitter feeds to provide call centre agent with real time customer profiles.

Retail Bank

Decision Science team’s capabilities enhanced by unifying data from structured databases and social media sites in order to make personalised merchant recommendations.