Banks, Declutter Your Data Architecture!

Banks do not need to be wedded to complexity, says Navin Suri, Percipient’s CEO  Marie Kondō’s bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, is sweeping the world. Her message that simplicity pays off...

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Packing Real Punch Into Customer 360s

In marketing circles, the buzzphrase for the first quarter of 2017 was Customer Data Platform (CDP). Although coined in 2013, it was Gartner’s decision in July 2016 to introduce this as a new industry category within its digital marketing

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Open Banking is Happening, Folks!

On February 2, 2017, the UK’s open banking ambitions took a step closer to reality when the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) issued its final order for the implementation of open banking reforms. The final order sets down a strict one-year time frame for nine of the UK’s largest banks

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2016 Revelations

As the year draws to a close, and we treat ourselves to some well-earned merry making, here is a look back at some 2016 big data events that prove big data isn’t all dull and serious. Google’s annual list of most googled terms are always revealing and this year’s is no different.

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Four Myths About Real Time Analytics

Five years ago, businesses beyond the e-commerce world were only dipping their toes into real time analytics. Today, brick and mortar businesses have embraced real time analytics in a range of applications, including error detection, price adjustment, inventory tracking, customer experience

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Healthcare and Health Insurance: Big Data’s Sweet Spot

Nowhere is the utility of big data greater than in healthcare, and by inference, health insurance. Venture capitalists appear to have caught on to this, and in the first quarter of 2016, put USD 1.4 billion into the hands of healthcare IT companies. This was almost a third more

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Copy of a copy of a copy…

Already faced with crippling data storage bills, the last thing enterprises need is to waste money on storing multiple copies of the same data. In a ground-breaking study by Veritas Technologies published last month, it was found that on average, 41% of an enterprise’s data is “stale”, that is, has not been modified in the past three years

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Happy Birthday, Hadoop

Ten years on, are big data technologies finally taking root in Asia? Hadoop celebrated its 10th birthday last week. Back in 2006, Doug Cutting joined Yahoo, and brought with him the development work he was doing on the Google File System and MapReduce. The Yahoo team subsequently launched

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Customer satisfaction enhancement programs for banks

Global marketing information services and rating company J.D. Power, known for its quality and satisfaction measurements, especially in the automotive sector in markets such as India, China, Australia and Southeast Asia, has formed a strategic alliance...

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Big Data 3.0: Delivering on the Promise

There is unusual consensus among economists that 2016 will be a more-of-the-same year of moderate growth, low inflation and emerging market risks. Against this unspectacular backdrop, how do corporations achieve spectacular outperformance? One...

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What airlines can teach banks about big data

In the topsy turvy world of big data, it has become apparent that some industries are unexpectedly lagging behind others in their data mining capabilities. For example, one would be justified to assume that financial companies, given their...

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Helping your customers help themselves

With websites now amassing data on their users, the time has come to play back this data in a meaningful way. Many digital column inches have been spent defining what makes for a superior online experience

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The real-world is coming a-calling

Data derived from what customers do and feel, rather than what they say, has got a lot more interesting. Big Data scepticism appears to be alive and well in Asia. I have lost count of the number of times people say to me: “There is nothing that big

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Connecting The Dots

Welcome to Percipient Notes, a blog aimed at shining the spotlight on all aspects of data aggregation, architecture and analytics. Connected data is the true opportunity of our modern times.  Until recently, data silos were a grudgingly...

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