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Legacy Data Warehouse
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Sensor (IoT) based Customer Intelligence and
Marketing Automation Solution for a
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Percipient is one of GLOBAL 30 innovative and technology-focused high-growth start-ups named to the 2018 EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs program.

We help our clients virtualise and integrate data, regardless of its size, type or location. By leveraging high-quality, open-source software, we help lower ownership costs and transform enterprise data infrastructure into a high performance, scalable, reliable, secure and future-ready platform.


ETL (first Extract, then Translate, then Load) is a requirement for data analysis but enterprises struggle when confronted with requirements of unstructured, voluminous and volatile data. In contrast, converting from an ETL to ELT model (that is, first Extract and Load as per the source format, then Translate on demand and at lightning speeds) allows for faster turnarounds, greater flexibility and agility in the use of data.

Real-Time Analytics & Streaming Applications

Percipient offers organisations the ability to seamlessly join warehoused, batch and real-time data in order to achieve the most comprehensive analytics modelling possible.


UniRefine (Beta Version) is a powerful tool for working with messy data i.e. cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and extending it with web services and external data. The ability to interactively change in bulk a large chunk of data matching with some particular criteria really sets UniRefine apart. UniRefine is not a web service, so you do not have to upload your data to use it. It is a desktop application, so that your sensitive data will not leave your machine for data cleaning and processing.

Intelligent Data Engineering
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